UA Leads the Way in Research

The University of Arizona's research expertise if wide and varied, and provides unparalleled opportunities for both undergraduates and graduates.

Climate, Environmental, Water & Energy Sustainability

The UA's research in sustainability is at the forefront of the field collaborating with industry and government to solve water and environmental resource challenges locally and across the globe.


As a leader in the research of solar technologies, AzRISE, a UA-founded global institute with academic and industrial partners, enables multi-disciplinary research, development, and practical implementation of solar energy solutions to meet our energy needs now and in the future.

Space Exploration and Observation

Arizona is home to world-renowned observatories, state-of-the-art telescopes, and leading university departments and centers carrying out research in astronomy, planetary and space sciences. Our observational, theoretical and space astronomy programs are ranked No. 1 in the country by the National Science Foundation (NSF).


The Steward Observatory is one of the world's leading astronomy research organizations and home to the Mirror Laboratory, which fabricates the largest telescope mirrors in the world.

Optical Sciences

Technologies that exploit the properties and applications of light touch virtually every field of science and all modern industries. Optical Sciences is top-ranked internationally for its innovative and unusually comprehensive research programs that power the future of the world's high-technology industries.

Bioscience and Biotechnology

Through its research programs in bioengineering, drug discovery, genomics, quantitative biology, and the neural basis for memory changes, UA scientists are undertaking the most difficult modern biological challenges. Arizona biotech research is making inroads in the fields of cancer, diabetes, heart, neurological and respiratory diseases, cognition and aging, diagnostic tools, crop yield and quality as well as pharmaceutical plants.

Cancer Research

The protocols and techniques developed at the UA's Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC) have become worldwide standards of care. Patients are given leading-edge care that benefits from intensive in-house research into new cures and methods of prevention, and educational outreach programs help millions more to reduce their cancer risk.

Management Information Services (MIS)

The University of Arizona is renowned throughout the world for its MIS research. For the last three decades the faculty at the UA's Department of Management Information Systems has focused on education, research and outreach. MIS faculty members have provided executive education to companies such as America Online, American Express, Ernst & Young, LLP, Honeywell International, Intel Corp., Raytheon Systems Co., and Ultra-Life Batteries, Inc.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

The Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona conducts a strong program of undergraduate and graduate instruction and research that has earned a distinguished national reputation.

Interdisciplinary Research

Known for interdisciplinary research, collaboration is something The University of Arizona does extremely well. We provide a collegial environment that encourages cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research.

BIO5 Institute

Created to bring together faculty and other researchers to tackle complex biology-based problems affecting humanity today, BIO5 brings together scientists from five disciplines - agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, basic science and engineering - to treat disease, feed humanity and preserve livable environments.

Arizona Research Laboratories (ARL)

ARL is a group of researchers solving critical scientific problems and generating knowledge for the future. The organization's structure and values promote innovation through dynamic interdisciplinary collaborations.